Condo Insurance in Seattle, WA – What Does it Cover?

Congratulations, you’ve purchased a condo!! Home ownership with little or no yard work. You can remodel your kitchen, paint the walls and enjoy your new space. During the purchasing process your agent probably told you that the homeowner’s associate insures the building, the walls and the physical structure of your unit. What that insurance does not cover is the personal contents of your unit or any remodeled or upgraded areas within the unit.

Condo Insurance 101 in Washington:

  • Why do you need it: While your walls and building are covered in the event of destruction, your belongings and any upgrades are not. You are responsible for the physical contents, additions and upgrades in your unit. Condo insurance also provides liability coverage should a negligent act by you (fire, water damage, glass breakage, etc.) affect units other than your own. Say you left the bathtub running and it overflowed causing damage to the unit below. Your condo insurance would cover the damage to the unit below you as well as repair the damage to your unit, after a deductible. Pro tip: never leave your bathtub running unattended.
  • What may be covered: Like a renter’s insurance policy, your belongings are covered up to a certain dollar amount. Like a homeowner’s insurance policy you can add scheduled property like art, jewelry and other collectibles. A condo insurance policy also includes a negligence and liability portion in the event that you damage a unit other than your own, the common areas or if someone is injured in your unit. A condo insurance policy may also include reimbursements for living expenses if your condo is unlivable and needs to be repaired.

Having the proper amount of condo insurance coverage may help protect you from having to pay out of pocket for liability claims or damage to your unit. There are several options when it comes to the condo insurance you feel is appropriate for your needs and budget. Have questions? Talk to your local, independent insurance agents at Secord Agency. Secord Agency in Seattle, Washington can guide you through a condo insurance policy and add additional coverages like flood insurance or earthquake insurance.Their years of insurance experience can save you a bundle, and they live right in your area, so know first-hand what your insurance needs might be.  You can also visit theirinsurance website 24/7 to learn more about the insurance products they offer.

Winterizing your Summer Toys before the Weather Turns

As winter approaches you start to prep your home and vehicles for inclement weather. You clean gutters, fix drafty areas and make sure that your emergency kit is stocked. You also store your summer toys. RVs, motorcycles and boats need to be prepped for winter too, just to make sure that they are in top condition to start the summer season next year.

In order to winterize your RV, motorcycle or boat, there are a few key areas that you need to pay special attention to.

Winterizing your summer toys in Washington:

  • Motorcycles: With motorcycles, you are most likely going to focus on fluids. Make sure that brake fluid is topped off and the brake lines are clear. Give your bike a fresh oil change and check the tire pressure (and tread wear!). Now is also a great time to make sure that the engine and throttle are performing properly. If anything sounds “off,” take it in for repairs so that the motorcycle is ready to go when those first warm days arrive. You should also top off the gas tank. If your tank is less than full, ice crystals can form in the tank and cause expensive damage.
  • RVs: Prepping your RV for winter is a lot like prepping your daily commuter for winter. Make sure your RV has a full tank of gas, oil change and a check of the vital engine systems like spark plugs, etc. Make sure the fresh and gray water tanks are emptied and that the tires are checked for pressure and wear and tear. The interior of your RV should also be thoroughly cleaned and while doing so, check for any drafts or broken window seals. Before you seal up your RV until summer, add a dehumidifier or desiccant crystals to help absorb harmful moisture and help prevent mold damage.
  • Boats: Like an RV, you have to prep both the interior and exterior of a boat for winter. For the exterior, check for cracks in the hull and scrape off any barnacles or other marine life that made your boat its home for the summer. If you have an outboard motor make sure to flush it with fresh water and that all the water is expelled. Inboard motors need to be refilled with antifreeze, so make sure to consult your manual for the proper mixture. The interior of the boat should be cleaned and wiped down with some type of vinyl protectant to help keep it from cracking in the cold. Make sure that your cover extends below the water line of the boat and that the cover is snug.
  • Insurance: It may seem like you do not need to keep insurance on your toys during the winter, but it is a good idea to maintain a year-long policy. If someone is injured on one of your toys while it is being stored (even if they are trespassing) and you have no liability coverage, you may be forced to pay damages out-of-pocket. Also, if a warm day comes along and you feel like taking your bike out for a spin and even just filling up the gas tank on the RV, you should have collision coverage. You may also get a discount for continuous coverage.

Winterizing is proper maintenance for your toys and proper maintenance includes insurance. If you have questions about a policy on your motorcycle, RV or boat, make sure to talk to the insurance professionals at Secord Agency in Seattle, WA.  Their years of insurance experience can save you a bundle, and they live right in your area, so know first-hand what your insurance needs might be.  You can also visit their insurance website 24/7 to learn more about the insurance products they offer like auto insurance.

Don’t Let Thieves Steal your Holiday

As the countdown to the holidays and NYE approaches, undoubtedly you’ve got some new gadgets, toys or jewelry around the house. Thieves know this. While you are off enjoying a holiday gathering, vacation or party, thieves could be helping themselves to your things. Taking a few extra precautions may help save you and your family the stress and anxiety of having to sort through your home for missing items and filing a homeowner’s insurance claim in Seattle, WA.

  • Be alarmed: An alarm system is a great way to deter criminals (as long as you remember to arm it) and to potentially get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. If you do not want the added expense of installing and maintaining an alarm system, get “Protected by XYZ Alarm Company” sign for your front  yard. A little deceptive advertising could go a long way to keeping thieves away from your home.
  • Meet the neighbors: Get to know the people on your block; be friendly. Neighbors can see things that you might miss such as an open gate or garage door. Friendly neighbors can also look out for one another on nights out or when you’re out of town.
  • Keep it clear and lit: Keeping landscaping and shrubbery trimmed and low around potential points of entry like windows or side doors could help reduce the likelihood of an intruder trying to enter your home. Installing motion lights and leaving a television or radio on when you are away from home gives the illusion that someone is in the house can be a deterrent for thieves.
  • Stash the valuables: Just not in the bedroom! The bedroom is one of the first places that thieves will look for jewelry and other valuables. Having a built-in safe or a false tile in the bathroom floor to store your valuables may make it harder for thieves to make off with your goods.
  • Know your stuff: Keeping an inventory log of items that have a potentially high risk of being stolen can help you later in the claims process. Having readily available photos, serial numbers and receipts or appraisals can help your insurance agent determine a payout should these items go missing. Having a written record can also help the police search for your missing items at pawn shops or on Craigslist.
  • Specialty Insurance: While your homeowner’s insurance may cover a portion of the cost to replace stolen items, it will not cover everything. Adding a separate valuables policy may help you recoup more of your dollar loss. Valuables such as jewelry, art and electronics can be added to a separate valuables policy.

We know that keeping your home safe from thieves is a top priority for you, just like making sure your home is properly insured is a top priority for your local independent insurance agent. Secord Insurance Agency in Seattle, Washington can guide you through your homeowner’s insurance policy and add additional coverages like a separate valuables policy or personal umbrella policy. Their years of insurance experience can save you a bundle, and they live right in your area, so know first-hand what your insurance needs might be.  You can also visit their insurance website 24/7.